Friedrich Heuck Osteologie Prize 2024 for M. Tschaffon-Müller

Ulm University

Dr. Miriam Tschaffon-Müller received the Friedrich Heuck Osteology Prize 2024 at the Osteology Congress in Wiesbaden. It was based on her following publications in the field of osteology: 
- Neutrophil-derived catecholamines mediate negative stress effects on bone (Nature Communications 2023)
- Myeloid cell-derived catecholamines influence bone turnover and regeneration in mice (Frontiers in Endocrinology 2022)
- A novel in vitro assay to study chondrocyte-to-osteoblast transdifferentiation (Endocrine 2022)

A great success on which we warmly congratulate her.

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