Tensor AI Solutions at the Hanover Fair
Spin-off from Ulm University offers explainable AI solutions

Ulm University

From 17 to 21 April, the Ulm-based start-up Tensor AI Solutions will be appearing at the Hanover Fair, the world technology trade fair for industry. The spin-off from Ulm University, which was founded last year, offers explainable AI solutions with the aim of making data-based processes more efficient, controllable and comprehensible.

The four young men from Ulm are at the Hanover Fair for the second time already. They are presenting their new business in hall 17 at stand B49 with the help of Tenso, a humanoid robot. The Tensor AI Solutions team includes: Dr Niklas Rach, Marco Trenti, Dr Timo Felser and Florian Schinnerling. The founders are specialists for data analysis, machine learning and high-performance computing. Their start-up is a spin-off from Ulm University and has been receiving funding since May 2021 within the scope of the high-tech start-up programme EXIST-Research Transfer, a collaborative programme run by the federal government and the EU. Tensor AI Solutions GmbH specialises in explainable artificial intelligence. “While performance parameters such as efficiency and speed were dominant at the beginning of the AI boom, now criteria like transparency and comprehensibility are becoming more important”, explains Dr Timo Felser. Under the label of “explainable intelligence”, Tensor AI Solutions offers AI-based technological solutions that make machine-supported decisionmaking processes more understandable and explain how the results are obtained.

“We offer our clients customised solutions for AI-based preparation and analysis of their data and help them to make efficient and transparent use of the potential their data offers as well as to automate it in a controlled fashion”, explains Dr Niklas Rach. The challenge is to translate value creation ideas into technical solutions and to make the entire digitalisation process both transparent and controllable. The start-up company also offers individual system integration of customised AI solutions, in which the performance is specifically adapted to the hardware and optimised.

Legally sound AI solutions that also result in effective data use

The new start-up company has already developed management systems for the retail industry in the areas of logistics, supply chains and inventory. For other companies, Tensor AI Solutions has developed systems for optimising production processes or digital strategies for transparent predictive maintenance. They also have experience in the financial sector, having developed a digital tool for granting loans.

Artificial intelligence has a huge potential for the users, but there are also risks involved, which is why the European Union is currently regulating the use of AI by law. The so-called AI Ordinance, which is to be passed next year, splits AI applications into various risk levels and specifies corresponding transparency requirements for data processing. The technical solutions that Tensor AI Solutions GmbH offers already comply with these legal requirements now. In addition to legal compliance, sustainability is another aspect that is important to the founders. Transparent AI analyses can reveal an inefficient use of data, thus saving up to 80 per cent on computing resources.

“We are very satisfied with the Hanover Fair 2023. We had a very successful week and enjoyed many interesting discussions with people from all over the world. We were very pleased that our stand attracted so many visitors. We also had the first follow-up discussions with potential clients, cooperation partners and investors just a few days after the fair. The interest in comprehensible AI solutions was very high, particularly in the sectors of production, engineering and trade”, says Florian Schinnerling, and continues, “We are very grateful to Ulm University and the Entrepreneurs Campus for their help and support with starting up our own business!”

Further informatition:
Florian Schinnerling, Tensor AI Solutions, E-Mail: florian.schinnerling(at)tensor-solutions.com
Homepage: https://tensor-solutions.com/

Text and mediacontact: Andrea Weber-Tuckermann
Translation: Kate Gaugler



Tensor AI Solutions group picture
From left Marco Trenti, Dr Timo Felser and Florian Schinnerling with the robot Tenso (Photo: Tensor AI Solutions)