How to apply for the Physics M. Sc.

Application is open!

We currently accept applications for the winter semester 2020/21, please follow the link to the

Online Registration

The online registration is open until 15th June 2020, however we strongly recommend all non-EU applicants to complete the online registration as soon as possible.

The application to the "Physics" Master of Science programme consists of the stages reported below.

Please read carefully the information below regarding the online registration and the required documents.

How to Apply

  • Deadline

    Start of application period

    16th March of each year for winter semester

    15th October of each year for summer semester

    End of application period

    15th June of each year for winter semester

    15th January of each year for summer semester

    Start of the programme

    1st October of each year for winter semester

    1st April of each year for summer semester

  • Online registration and documents download

    Please follow the link to the Online Registration (available during the application phase).

    You will be asked to enter the following data: personal data, information on Bachelor degree and the university where you obtained it.

    At the end of the online registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. 

    Documents to be downloaded before closing the online registration:

    • Data View of your records showing the data you entered.
    • Cover Sheet for the application package, it carries your application number
  • Application form

    After completing the online registration, please proceed to fill in the Application Form.xlsx .

    Read me: "How to complete the application form"

    The application form is provided by the “Physics” office and it is available for download here during application period.

    It is very important that the application form is filled out correctly with information on the grading system at your university as well as information on the courses you attended. If the application form is not filled out properly, your application will be rejected.

    The filled application form has to be sent by e-mail (excel file is ok) to the address:



    Please enter all the required data:
    • Application number, received during the online registration.
    • Grading system at your university:
      Does a credit point or credit hour system exist at your university? Please enter the max. grade and min. passing grade.
    • Final grade of your Bachelor degree or current grade point average (GPA) of all courses (if you have not yet finished the Bachelor programme).
    • Courses details: title, credit points/credit hours earned, grade (it has to be consistent with the max/min passing grade entered). Please copy the title exactly as it is stated on your transcript of records, all the information entered have to be retrievable in your transcript.
  • Documents to send/upload

    We are currently accepting application documents only in electronic form.

    Please upload your application documens at the link provided in the confirmation e-mail.

    The application documents must reach our office before the deadline!

    1. Cover sheet Please sign it and fill in the date.
    2. Data View  
    3. Application form Printout of the form that was already send by e-mail, please sign it and fill in the date.
    4. Curriculum Vitae  
    • The CV has to be complete, i.e. there should be no gaps and it should cover the time period since you finished your Bachelor degree,
    • insert your name, application number and signature.
    5. Transcripts of records (copy!) All semesters studied in the Bachelor programme and exams taken have to be reported. If the transcripts are not written in English or German you have to provide copies of the certified English translation.
    6. Official information on Grading Unless already reported in the transcripts, please provide an official document from your university on the grading system (maximum grade, minimal passing grade, conversion of letter grades to number grades).
    7. Bachelor degree certificate (copy!) The final grade has to be reported.  If the certificate is not in English or German you have to provide copies of the certified English translation.
    8. English certificate (copy!)

    TOEFL (ibT) test with minimum score: 88
    IELTS test with minimum score: 6,5
    any English Language Certificate corresponding to the same according to the CEFR (Common European Framework Reference for Languages)
    evidence that the Bachelor was completed exclusively in English.

    Applicants who are English native speakers don't have to submit any English test result.

    Students are welcome to apply without an English certificate, however they should plan a test as soon as possible. A valid English certificate has to be presented the latest at the moment of enrollment.

    9. APS-certificate (original!)  
    Required for students from PR China and Vietnam.
    10.* Module Handbook We strongly recommend all non-EU applicants to send the Module Handbook containing the module description, workload and hours of lessons. This is mostly in the interest of each applicant as it would greatly help the Admission Commission in the evaluation process.

    You will obtain a confirmation e-mail once we received all necessary documents.

    Please note:
    • We do not accept documents sent by fax or attached to e-mails (only exception: application form).
    • Application is not valid if documents are sent without prior online registration.
    • Do not send any certificates not related to your academic or professional qualifications.
    • We cannot return any documents.
  • Ulm Students

    Graduates of the Ulm University with a BSc degree in Physics or Wirtschaftsphysik, should use the application form "Antrag auf Studiengangwechsel / Umschreibung vom Bachelor in den Master". For more information please read here.


Dr. Rachele Fermani

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