Physics - Master of Science (MSc)

  • required language proficiency: English
  • places not limited

Latest update

The admission office (Abt. II-1 Zulassung) has been closed for visitors until further notice.

All counselling is done by email.


Application period

winter semester:  15 March - 15 June
summer semester: 15 Oct. - 15 January

Application is currently not available!

Information on application for the master's programme Physics.

All documents must be received within the application deadline.


Further information

  • Entrance requirements

    (1) Proof of a Bachelor of Science degree, a state examination or any similar degree awarded after completion of a minimum three-year study course in Physics; it will be verified that the applicant has sufficient prior knowledge in the fields of experimental and theoretical physics and mathematics to qualify for the master programme in Physics offered by Ulm University. As a rule, only applicants can be admitted that completed their final examination with
    a) a grade of 2.4 or better as their final mark, or
    b) a grade of 2.0 or better in their thesis, or
    c) if a) or b) have not yet been determined, an average grade weighted by credit points of 2.7 or better based on examination results obtained by the application deadline and comprising a minimum volume of 140 credit points.
    Moreover, applicants may be admitted if they can prove that they are among the best 20 percent of their year.

    (2) Proof of adequate English language competence, as a rule by

    1. not less than 8 points awarded in English as shown on a German school-leaving certificate qualifying for university entrance, or
    2. the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum of 88 points (internet-based TOEFL); or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with 6.5 points or more.

    (3) Paragraph 2.2 does not apply to applicants who are native speakers of English, or who had English as their only language of instruction during their first degree programme. Moreover, the admissions committee may decide on exemptions in justified exceptional cases in agreement with the head of the language centre.

    For legally binding information please see the MSc Physics admissions statutes.



  • Information on the master's programme Physics

    Further information on the master's programme Physics can be found here.