Project - Analog CMOS Circuit Design (SS)


In this project, the students will design and layout various analog modules in an advanced sub-micron CMOS technology. The combination of the realized modules is integrated into a toplevel design. The students will operate the industry standard Cadence Design Environment. 
This course is intended to provide hands-on design experience of modern CMOS analog circuit and systems.

Planned module contents

  • Design of Biasing Networks
  • Design of multistage Differential Amplifier
  • Design of high-speed comparators
  • Design of a Switched Capacitor Integrator
  • Design of an Analog-Digital-Converter
  • Toplevel design
  • Layout of the modules


This project is intended for students with background in Analog CMOS Circuit Design.
Very good result in the exam "Integrated Analog Circuits / Integrierte Analogschaltungen" or similar proven experience in analog CMOS design is mandatory.

Attendance to all lab sessions is mandatory!


  • Allen P.E., Holberg, D.R. "CMOS Analog Circuit Design", Oxford University Press
  • Baker, R.J. "CMOS Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation", Wiley
  • Razavi, B. "Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits", McGraw-Hill
  • Johns, D. "Analog Integrated Circuit Design", Wiley
  • Course language: English (German upon request)
  • Course material: Handouts for the various modules of the project and multimedia learning tool for the design environment.