Circuit Design in Nanometer-Scaled CMOS Technologies


In this module, the students will be introduced to the most important problems associated with designing in nanometer-scaled CMOS technologies. Based on advanced charge-based transistor modeling using the EKV model, the students will learn about the impacts of short and narrow channel effects on the device characteristics of nanometer CMOS transistors and how the resulting challenges can be tackled by advanced design methodologies overcoming the limitations of a square law based analog design flow. After this first more modeling oriented part, the course will focus on the design of important building blocks of integrated circuits in deep submicron CMOS including large scale blocks such as integrated filters and advanced data converters.

Planned Module Contents

  1. MOSFET operation and modern CMOS devices
  2. Short and narrow channel effects in advanced nm CMOS technologies
  3. Advanced Noise Modeling
  4. Low power CMOS circuit design techniques
  5. Variations and reliability effects in CMOS circuits
  6. Analog Design Styles in deep submicron technologies
  7. Advanced analog circuits – References and Power Management
  8. Advanced analog circuits – CT and switched capacitor filters
  9. Advanced analog circuits – Advanced A/D Converter Concepts