Winter-Semester 2019/2020

Prof. Braun, S. Schach Foundations and Concepts of Cognitive Systems Modeling
Prof. Braun, S. Schach Neurotechnology: Brain-Machine Interfacing
Prof. Neumann, Ch. Jarvers Computation in Cognitive and Neural Systems
Prof. Neumann, Ch. Jarvers Fundamentals of Human-Machine Interaction
Prof. Neumann, Ch. Jarvers DeepVision – Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Networks in Computational Vision
PD Dr. Schwenker Theorie neuronaler Netze
PD Dr. Schwenker Pattern Recognition
Dozentengruppe Cognitive Systems I
Prof. Braun, S. Schach Projekt: Brain-Machine-Interfacing
Prof. Braun, H. Hihn Projekt: Learning Robots
Prof. Braun, Prof. Ernst, Prof. Neumann Projekt: Investigating Functions in Perception, Cognition and Motor Behavior
Prof. Neumann, Ch. Jarvers Projekt: Computational Vision and Image Processing
PD Dr. Schwenker Projekt: Neuroinformatik
Prof. Braun, PD Dr. Schwenker Projekt & Seminar: Deep Learning Architectures
Prof. Braun Proseminar: Der Intelligenzbegriff (auch im AF Philosophie)
Prof. Braun Seminar: Concepts of Intelligence
PD Dr. Schwenker Seminar: Neuroinformatik
Dozentengruppe Kolloquium: Recent Developments in Cognitive Systems Research
Prof. Braun & Mitarbeiter Absolventenseminar Neuroinformatik