Institute of Software Engineering and Programming Languages


Our research topics cover aspects of software engineering and compiler construction. In particular, we focus on requirements engineering methods, formalisms, and tools as well as model-driven software engineering, experimntal software engineering, and development of innovative software tools.

Overview of our research topics


The institute represents the areas software engineering and programming languages in the bachelor and master programs of computer science and related fields. We offer the following mandatory courses in the Bachelor's program:

  • Interactive Systems Programming
  • Software Engineering
  • Software Project

Furthermore, we are responsible for the bachelor and master program Software Engineering.

Overview of the courses in the bachelor and master programs


Contact & Directions

Institute of Software Engineering and Programming Languages

University Ulm
D-89069 Ulm
Building O27, Level 4
Phone: +49 (0)731 / 50 - 2416



Newest publications


Juhnke, Katharina; Tichy, Matthias; Houdek, Frank
Challenges Concerning Test Case Specifications in Automotive Software Testing: Assessment of Frequency and Criticality
Software Quality Journal
Herausgeber: Springer


Domaschka, Jörg; Berger, Christian; Reiser, Hans P.; Eichhammer, Philipp; Griesinger, Frank; Pietron, Jakob; Tichy, Matthias; Hauck, Franz J.; Habiger, Gerhard
Sorrir: A resilient self-organizing middleware for iot applications [position paper]
M4IoT '19: Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Middleware and Applications for the Internet of Things
Dezember 2019
Witte, Thomas; Tichy, Matthias
A Hybrid Editor for Fast Robot Mission Prototyping
Proc. of the 1st International Workshop on Explainable Software
November 2019
Witte, Thomas; Tichy, Matthias
Code Manipulation through Interactive Markers in a Live Preview
November 2019
Tichy, Matthias; Ege, Florian
A Proposal of Features to Support Analysis and Debugging of Declarative Model Transformations with Graphical Syntax by Embedded Visualizations
International Workshop on Modeling Language Engineering and Execution (MLE): The joint Fifth International Workshop on Executable Modeling (EXE) and Seventh International Workshop on the Globalization of Modeling Languages (GEMOC)
September 2019