Institute of Software Engineering and Programming Languages


Our research covers many aspects of software engineering and programming languages. In particular, we focus on domain-specific languages, software configuration, and constraint programming. We employ formalized theories, develop open-source tools, and apply empirical research methods.

Overview of our research topics


The institute represents the areas software engineering and programming languages in the bachelor and master programs of computer science and related fields. We offer the following mandatory courses in the Bachelor's program:

  • Interactive Systems Programming
  • Software Engineering
  • Software Project

Furthermore, we are responsible for the bachelor and master program Software Engineering.

Overview of the courses in the bachelor and master programs


Contact & Directions

Institute of Software Engineering and Programming Languages

Ulm University
D-89069 Ulm
Building O27, Level 4
Phone: +49 (0)731 / 50 - 24161



Newest publications


Schrijvers, T.; Demoen, B.; Duck, G. J.; Stuckey, P. J.; Frühwirth, Thom
Automatic implication checking for CHR constraint solvers
Dokument Nummer: CW 402
Departement Computerwetenschappen, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Januar 2005
Abdennadher, Slim; Frühwirth, Thom; Holzbaur, Christian
Editors, Special Issue on Constraint Handling Rules
Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, 5 (4-5)


Ballhause, C.; Tavakoli Kolagari, Ramin
Hardware-unabhängige Spezifikation von Steuergeräte-Software
Softwaretechnik-Trends, 24 (4) :27-29
November 2004
Buhr, K.; Tavakoli Kolagari, Ramin
Softwarebasierte Produktlinien: Szenarien für Automobilhersteller und Zulieferer
Softwaretechnik-Trends, 24 (4) :30-33
November 2004
Schmid, M.; Kohlmeyer, Jens
Combining simulated biological components to achieve a powerful simulation environment
Proceedings of the European Simulation and Modelling Conference ESMc2004, Paris, France, Seite 140-142
Oktober 2004