YoungRSE Award at deRSE24

Universität Ulm

Florian Sihler received the YoungRSE Award at deRSE24.

Florian Sihler received the YoungRSE Award at deRSE24 for his presentation "flowR: A Program Slicer for the R Programming Language".

In his presentation, Florian showcases flowR, a novel tool designed to assist R programmers and researchers in understanding existing and new code. flowR employs sophisticated dataflow analysis to provide more accurate and comprehensive results that can then be used to reduce a given program to just the parts necessary to perform a specific task (a so-called "program slice"). Analysis of real-world R code shows that the average reduction is around 85% of lines, reducing the Program to just around 15% of its original size.

Currently, flowR can be best explored by its VSCode extension.