Time Series, Random Fields and beyond

Fall School

September 23 - September 27, 2024

Ulm University

Modeling and statistical inference of random functions including (but not limited to) stochastic processes in time and space is a classical task of probability theory and mathematical statistics. Over the last years, a significant progress has been made within this theory, for instance, in geometric and topological methods, point processes and extremes, space-time dynamics, multivariate time series, to name just a few.

The German-Japanese Autumn School "Time series, random fields and beyond“ is a tribute to these recent developments trying to make them accessible to a broader audience of young researchers. It is the fourth event in the line of German-Japanese scientific meetings such as workshops on Risk and Statistics (Ulm, 2019 and Sendai, 2022) which have been jointly organized by the Institute of Statistical Mathematics (Tokyo), Tohoku University (Sendai), University of Tokyo, and Ulm University.

The scientific agenda of the school includes 6 lecture cycles given by international leading experts in the field followed by a number of invited research talks as well as a poster section for young researchers. Its aim is to provide a forum for vivid scientific discussions and foster new fruitful cooperations between Japanese and German researchers.

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