International Bunsen Discussion Meeting

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the second International Bunsen Discussion Meeting "Gas Phase Model Systems for Catalysis - GPMC 2018"

 to be held on
June 18-20, 2018 in Ulm/Germany.

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The investigation of chemical reactions in the gas phase has a decades long history, with roots tracing back to the beginning availability of appropriate mass spectrometric techniques. Early on in this context, e.g., metal atoms or small metal clusters were proposed as model systems for catalytic reactions. The experimental realization of this approach, i.e. the direct investigation of catalytic reaction cycles or at least of some of the involved reaction steps, however, could be achieved successfully only in recent years.

This is due on one hand to innovations and advancements in the experimental methodology, but on the other hand also to the increasing awareness of the importance of very small particles or molecular systems for real catalytic materials. Crucial in this regard are, e.g., also charging effects, which may decisively determine the reactivity of catalytically active centers and which can be perfectly modeled in the gas phase; or the possibility to isolate reactive intermediates. Furthermore, isolated and well defined gas phase systems are ideally suited for simulations employing state of the art quantum theoretical methods. In particular the unmatched high complementarity and comparability of experiment and theory in the case of gas phase investigations bears an enormous potential for the modeling of the complex processes in catalytic reaction systems.

Following up to the very successful first GPMC conference held in April 2014 we invite you to participate in a second meeting on the subject of catalytic model systems in the gas phase. The previous GPMC conference in 2014 offered for the first time a platform to report and discuss in a focused way research on defined catalytic models employing gas phase techniques. We are convinced that the research area is developing fast and in interesting new directions. The follow up meeting GPMC 2018 thus aims at reflecting this development during the past four years and at discussing new perspectives.

The subjects treated will be well focused with respect to the methodology of gas phase investigations with a particular focus on the high complementarity and comparability of experiment and theory in the case of gas phase investigations. Yet, concerning the catalyzed reactions and the catalyst systems a wide spectrum ranging from metal atoms and clusters over oxide materials up to biologically relevant questions (enzymes, photosynthesis) will be covered.



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All participants of GPMC are invited to contribute to a special issue of the "Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie".


The final program and the book of abstract are online.

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