Welcome to the Institute of Organic Chemistry III!

The Institute of Organic Chemistry III focuses its research on macromolecular sciences with an emphasis on the synthesis of materials. This ranges from supramolecular entities of small molecules to bio-oriented and colloidal materials. In addition, we teach macromolecular sciences in bachelor's and master's degrees.

Further information about the institute and its activities can be found here.

Alexander JC Kuehne

Prof. Dr. - Institute Director

Email: alexander.kuehne at uni-ulm.de

Phone: +49 731 50-22870

Room: M26 / 3206 (ZQB)

Ulrich Ziener

Prof. Dr. - Vice Director

Email: ulrich.ziener at uni-ulm.de

Phone: +49 731 50-22884

Room: M26 / 3204 (ZQB)

Christine Munz


Email: christine.munz at uni-ulm.de

Phone: +49 731 50-22871

Room: M26 / 3205 (ZQB)