Welcome to the Institute of Organic Chemistry III!

The Institute of Organic Chemistry III focusses in its research on macromolecular science with an emphasis on the synthesis of materials. This ranges from supramolecular entities of small molecules over bio-oriented toward colloidal materials. We are also teaching macromolecular science in bachelor and master courses. For more information please go to the special pages shown at the top.

2020 marks the 100th anniversary of Hermann Staudinger's concept of macromolecules published in his ground-breaking article "Über Polymerisation".

Gruppenbild beim Ausflug zur Burg Lichtenstein

Excursion of the institute to castle Lichtenstein

News and Events

Mona Arnold and Philipp Welscher have successfully finished their master theses. Congratulation! They both have started their doctoral theses in our group recently. Welcome!

Welcome to Sven Hartmann who has started his master thesis recently in collaboration with OCI! We are looking forward to having you in the institute.

Welcome to Andreas Schelhorn who has started his master thesis in May 2020! We are looking forward to having you in the institute.

The research on the template synthesis of nano diamonds by an adamantane comprising polymer in collaboration with the group of Phil Hemmer is published in ACS Appl. Nano Mater.!