Polymers and particles for biomedical applications

Our work on the development of biomedical imaging probes and therapeutic materials includes (macro-)molecular and colloidal systems for the specific recognition and binding of tumor cells or for the selective uptake of toxins. The respective carrier materials consist of bio-inspired polymers, functional swollen polymer networks with a high internal surface area for the absorption of substances and aqueous dispersible semiconductor polymer particles. For biomedical imaging, we are currently concentrating on materials with photoacoustic activity. This allows deep penetration into tissue layers coupled with the principle of ultrasound imaging, but with improved resolution and for the specific labelling of pathogenic tissue. In particular, we are investigating conjugated polymer particles that are biodegradable and are therefore particularly suitable for IR fluorescence or photoacoustic imaging. In combination with plasmonic inorganic nanoparticles, these effects can be further enhanced.    

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