Mariska Haas

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Universität Ulm
Institut für Biophysik
Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
D-89081 Ulm

N25 3404

++49 (0) 731 50-23361

++49 (0) 731 50-23059


Research interest:
"In my research project I investigate nucleosomes and their interaction with chromatin remodelers. Therefore I use the technique of single-molecule FRET."

Publikationen 2021

Lara Zorro Shahidian, Mariska Haas, Stephanie Le Gras, Sandra Nitsch, André Mourão, Arie Geerlof, Raphael Margueron, Jens Michaelis, Sylvain Daujat, Robert Schneider
Succinylation of H3K122 destabilizes nucleosomes and enhances transcriptiono
EMBO Rep (2021)e51009