Beránek Research Group




Our research interests lie at the intersection of materials-oriented synthetic chemistry and physico-chemical (e.g., photo-electrochemical and spectroscopic) characterization, with a focus on developing novel materials for functional light-driven architectures and devices.

We aim to address the critical challenge of securing a sustainable energy supply and mitigating environmental issues through the chemistry-based approaches we develop. Specifically, we focus on synthesizing and characterizing composite and hybrid materials for use in photo(electro)catalytic systems that can harness solar energy to drive useful chemical transformations, such as hydrogen production via water splitting, degradation of harmful pollutants in water and air, and synthesis of high-value chemicals from renewable feedstock. Additionally, we study light-driven self-propelling microsystems to advance the fields of medicine, nanotechnology, and systems chemistry.  


Prof. Dr. Radim Beránek

Tel.: +49-731-50-25402
Fax: +49-731-50-25409
E-Mail: radim.beranek(at)
Room: 47.3.102

Universität Ulm
Institut für Elektrochemie
Albert-Einstein-Allee 47
89081 Ulm

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