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Our research interests combine aspects of materials-oriented synthetic chemistry with aspects of physico-chemical (e.g., photo-electrochemical and spectroscopic) characterization and utilization of novel materials as building blocks for functional photochemical architectures and devices.

The need to address various environmental issues and to secure the future supply of sustainable energy is one of the key scientific challenges for the 21st century. Our research is therefore focused on the development of chemistry-based approaches to solar energy conversion and storage, particularly the synthesis and characterization of novel nanostructured and hybrid materials for use in photo(electro)catalytic systems capable of harnessing solar energy to drive useful chemical transformations (e.g., hydrogen production by water splitting, degradation of harmful pollutants in water and air, or light-driven synthesis of high value chemicals from low-cost renewable feedstock).


Prof. Dr. Radim Beránek

Tel.: +49-731-50-25402
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Room: 47.3.102

Universität Ulm
Institut für Elektrochemie
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