This Erasmus IP (Intensive Programme) Soil & Water consists of an interdisciplinary international teaching course for students from four EU countries. Thematically it unifies the expertise from the following fields: soil science and ecology, plant sciences and zoology. The activity will foster student's knowledge and competence regarding interactions between soils, plants and soil organisms with special emphasis on soil processes and effects of drought and flooding on plants and soil organisms. It will also define major risks of soil degradation. The structure of the IP will be able to establish a link between soil functions and societal needs and expectations. 

Target groups

Target groups of this IP are students from advanced undergraduate and graduate levels having teaching curricula focussed on biology and environmental sciences. The IP “Soil & Water” was set up by the Ulm University, which is also the coordinating institution. Besides students from Germany, also participants from the Czech Republic, Estonia and France will be involved.

Main activities

There are several teaching instruments applied in this programme. Teaching courses will be provided by experts from partner universities, who will cover specific fields (i.e. soil development and degradation, soil microbiology, plant-soil interactions, etc.). Field trips and on-site teaching will demonstrate key system elements and main processes related to soil environment and its effects on plants and soil organisms. Seminars elaborated and presented by students will prepare the participants for these subjects and reflect the knowledge gained.

Learning outcome

Students will gain an interdisciplinary insight in different areas of soil science and plant ecology. Participants will obtain 9 ECTS after finishing this course.

Expected outputs

Teaching material created during the IP will be provided via internet and will be available also for succeeding courses. Various dissemination activities are planned and will cover a central web page, an e-learning platform with teaching materials and a discussion forum, a field site guide and a final student report.


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