Open positions

Coming soon...

We will - most probably - soon have a new postdoc (exp.) and a PhD (comp.) opening on negative emissions and a PhD (exp.) opening on high-efficiency solar water splitting. More details to follow in a few weeks...

Student assistant

We are looking for a student assistant (HiWi) for website and computer administration, 10 hours per month. If you're interested, please contact Matthias May.

PhD projects

If you're excited about excited states - be it computational or experimental - of challenging electrochemical systems that have an application perspective in the field of sustainable energies: Feel free to contact us, we will have opportunities every now and then!

M.Sc. and B.Sc. projects

We are always looking for motivated students to start an - computational or experimental - M.Sc. or B.Sc. project in the field of (photo)electrochemical energy conversion. Just contact Matthias May.

An incomplete selection of current topics to be covered: "Combining climate models with electrochemical models for estimating the global potential of renewable energy pathways", "Optical spectroscopy on single-crystals in electrolytes", "Computational spectroscopy of metal electrodes in aqueous electroytes".