Prof. Dr. A. Beer - Department of Nuclear Medicine, Ulm University Medical Center

Prof. Dr. Ambros Beer

My main research area is multimodality imaging including PET/CT and PET/MRI for non-invasive characterisation of tissue biology by multiparametric imaging, with the aim of improving non-ivasive evaluation of disease characteristics in oncology, neurology or inflammatory diseases.
With the start of my training, I was interested in the use of modern imaging and visualization techniques, e.g. virtual MR-endsocopy or tumour volumetry for early response assesmment. After the installation of PET/CT in 2003, my research focused increasingly on molecular imaging using PET, especially angiogenesis imaging and imaging of the integrin αvβ3. The introduction of the worldwide first whole-body hybrid PET/MR scanner at TU Munich in 2010 made it possible to combine the molecular data from PET with the functional data from MRI on a voxel-by-voxel basis. Now at Ulm University, the research on multiparametric imaging preclinically and clinically continues, e.g. using mesoporous nanoparticles or by voxelwise analysis of PET/CT and MRI data in oncology. Another area of expertise at Ulm is optimization of dosimetry for radionuclide therapy and imaging of neurodegernative diseases. In cooperation with the japanese group of Makoto Higuchi (Chiba), the tau-specific PET-tracer C11-PBB3 was introduced and first studies in patients with neurodegenerative diseases are ongoing.


Department of Nuclear Medicine, Ulm University Medical Center

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