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The project "Danube-Networkers-Lectures" (DALEC) was a multilingual European online lecture series organized by the danube office Ulm / Neu-Ulm together with the ZAWiW of the University of Ulm and other European partner universities.

The first online lecture series (DALEC1) was performed under the title "Values ​​and Routes along the Danube" from November 2011 to August 2013 with five lectures by the partners from Vienna, Belgrade, Budapest, Craiova and Ruse. The language of the lecture was German with consecutive translation into the national languages ​​of all partners.

From March to April 2013, DALEC 2 was jointly organized by the danube office Ulm / Neu-Ulm with the ZAWiW of the University of Ulm and partners from Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania under the title "Blickwechsel zwischen Generationen und Kulturen aus vier Donauländern". The three lectures were performed in English by scientists of the respective countries, transferred at the same time by video conference to the other places and translated into the respective national language consecutively. This was followed by a well-structured discussion with participants from all four countries.

The aim of the project was to use the new media to work out different perspectives between the Danube countries and the different generations, to identify similarities and differences, and to search for solutions to social problems from different perspectives. The event series thus contributed to a better understanding between the people in the Danube region. The project was aimed at all generations, involving senior citizens, professionals, students and pupils.

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