"Learning in Later Life" (LiLL)

The European network "Learning in Later Life", founded 1995, is a union of institutions for senior education and of seniors interested in education and coming from meanwhile 21 European countries. In order to facilitate exchange, a platform in the internet was established in 1997: "LiLL in the Internet". It is an information and communication system of the European network using the languages German, English, French and Italian. The set-up of the internet platform was sponsored by the European Union and the German education ministry from 1997 to 2000. Until autumn of 2006, the LiLL platform was run by volunteers. In October 2006, the ASKO EUROPA Stiftung provided funding for the further development of the platform. This funding peroid is 3 years.
Another objective is to help seniors in finding appropriate educational offers, tasks and fields of engagement to exchange experience and to co-operate on European level on subjects that they have selected. Since these offers are only helpful, when seniors know how to use them, one of the objectives of the network is to support seniors in getting access to the Internet. Within the LiLL network ZAWiW has coodinated and cooperated in several European projects (e.g. Solill, TownStories, Euconet, eLiLL and others).

Sponsors: The project was sponsored by the European Socrates-Program and the German education ministry 1997- 2000

Duration: 3 years

From October 2006 the ASKO EUROPA Stiftung has provided funds for the further development of the platform for the duration of 3 years.

Project Responsible: Carmen Stadelhofer

Further information: www.lill-online.de