Master's degree in teaching at grammar schools at the University of Ulm

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Type of study: Master of Education (M. Ed.)

Standard period of study: 4 semesters

Start of study: winter and summer semester

ECTS credit points: 120

The completion of a Bachelor's degree does not qualify the student for teaching at Gymnasiums. A successfully completed Master of Education degree is required for admission to the preparatory service (Referendariat). In the Master's program, the two chosen subjects are studied in depth, both in terms of the subject sciences and, in particular, in terms of subject didactics. The educational sciences take up more space than in the Bachelor's program. A 12-week practical school semester is part of the program.


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The teacher education program for high school teachers is oriented toward the needs of educating young people in the age group of 9 to 17-year-old students in high schools.

The study program consists of several pillars. Click on the individual blocks to learn more about their contents.

Subject-specific studies

in two subjects (21 LP per subject)

Educational sciences

(Pedagogy, educational psychology, 27 LP)

Subject didactics

of the two subjects (10 LP per subject)

In addition, a Master's thesis of 15 LP is written and a school internship semester of 16 LP is completed. For more information on the school internship semester, please see the following page:

School internship semester (16 LP)

The subjects biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, natural science and technology, physics, and economics are offered at the University of Ulm. The following subject combinations are possible:

  • Biology / Chemistry
  • Biology / Mathematics
  • Chemistry / Mathematics
  • Computer Science / Mathematics
  • Computer Science / Physics
  • Mathematics / Physics
  • Mathematics / Economics
  • Science and Technology / Physics

Detailed information on the individual modules can be found in the module handbook.

Module manual

The teacher training programs include the study of two subjects, the later teaching subjects, as well as educational sciences.

It is possible to study an additional subject as part of a supplementary master's degree program, with the goal of teaching this third subject at high schools.


The following study plans provide an overview of the contents of the respective chosen subjects and present a possible course of the Master's program. Elective modules are provided in some subjects. Which modules can be chosen here is regulated in the study and examination regulations.

  • Biology / Chemistry
  • Biology / Mathematics
  • Chemistry / Mathematics
  • Computer Science / Mathematics
  • Computer Science / Physics
  • Mathematics / Physics
  • Mathematics / Economics
  • Science and Technology / Physics

Study and examination regulations

The Master's thesis can be on a subject-related, subject-didactic or educational science topic. The scope of the Master's thesis is 15 LP. Upon successful submission of the Master's thesis, the academic degree "Master of Education" is awarded. This degree qualifies the student to enter the preparatory service.

Yes, a stay abroad during your studies is possible for one semester or for the school internship semester. You can find more information about the school internship semester abroad on the information page about the school internship semester.

In order to plan the integration of a stay abroad into your studies, you can contact the student advisory service (Lehramt). Information about financing can be obtained from the International Office of the University of Ulm.

Academic advising (teaching profession)

International Office

School internship

After completing the teaching bachelor's degree at the University of Ulm, it is possible to enroll for the master's program directly at the Student Secretariat. Interested students who do not meet this requirement apply for the program at the University of Ulm. The basis for admission is the statute on the admission of applicants to the master's program Lehramt Gymnasium. For more information, please see the application and enrollment page at the University of Ulm and the attached presentation of an event held by the Student Advisory Service.

Application and matriculation at the University of Ulm

Admission regulations Master of Education

Presentation "Admission to the Master of Education

More detailed information on the contents of the Master's program ...

... can be found on the following pages, which you can reach by clicking on one of the three pillars.