Focus Areas

The main research areas of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence are cognitive systems, automated planning, as well as knowledge representation and reasoning.

Cognitive Systems

Our research in the area of cognitive systems is concerned with higher cognitive capabilities and how they can be realized in technical systems. A particular focus is to realize and employ such cognitive capabilities in companion systems, which completely adjust their functionality to the individual user.
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Automated Planning

Intelligent task planning is concerned with the automatic generation of structured courses of action (called plans) which satisfy a desired goal when executed. Specializations of our institute are hierarchical and hybrid planning approaches, where complex tasks can be decomposed into sets of simpler tasks. These approaches bear more similarities to human modes of plan generation. Currently, we also investigate user-centered planning, where plans are generated for human users.
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Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

In the research area of knowledge representation, we investigate how intelligent systems can represent and maintain knowledge. Specializations of our institute are logic based languages with which knowledge can be formally specified. In addition, we are concerned with automated reasoning, which allows for deriving implicit relationships from explicit knowledge and, hence, for detecting contradictions and modeling errors.
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