Here we present various software tools that are developed at the Institute of Artificial Intelligence. Some of them are offered for free download, some are provided on request.

Planning Software

PANDA  is a hierarchical planning system. It comes in three variants. PANDA_PSS combines hierarchical planning with Partial Order Causal Link (POCL) planning. PANDA_PRO employs heuristic progression search. PANDA_totSAT employs a transformation of hierarchical planning problems to SAT problems. For PANDA additional tools such as a graphical editor, a plan space visualizer and a plan explanation system were developed.

Ontology Reasoning Software

The members of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence are involved in the creation and development of several reasoning systems for ontologies. These systems showcase a variety of developed reasoning techniques based on the foundational research of the Institute's members.

  • ELK is a free and open source reasoner for the lightweight ontology language OWL2 EL. It is based on Java and can be called from the OWL API, Protégé, the Snow Owl ontology editor and the command line. ELK is distinguished by heavy parallelization and known to be fast on large OWL EL ontologies such as SNOMED CT. ELK is developed in cooperation with the University of Oxford.
  • HermiT  is a free and open source reasoner that supports the OWL2 DL standard. It is based on Java and can be called from the OWL API, Protégé and the command line. 
  • Konclude is a high-performance reasoner for large and expressive ontologies, covering the SROIQV(D) fragment of Description Logic (DL). Konklude implements an optimised version of the sound and complete tableau calculus and performs eminently well in benchmark tests such as the OWL Reasoner Evaluations (ORE).
  • ORAR  is a scalable ontology reasoner developed for reasoning over large ABoxes (datasets) using the abstraction refinement technique.
  • The OWL BGP SPARQL Wrapper supports query answering in ontologies, by providing a wrapper for OWL reasoners that are based on the OWL API. It includes special support for the HermiT reasoner.
  • The Verbalizer is a rule-based reasoner and verbalization tool for the EL fragment of description logics (DL). It generates natural-language texts from derivations in EL ontologies.