2LIKE - Artificial Intelligence for Individualised Learning Path and Processes

The basic project idea is based on the experience, not least in the context of the Corona crisis, that the heterogeneity of the students require a much more individualized provision of learning content or learning support than is possible in the context of traditional teaching formats. In particular, students starting their master’s degree with a change of subject or university need individualised offers in order to compensate for the heterogeneous previous knowledge and experience. This applies even more to courses for further education or international degree programmes.

In 2LIKE,we plan to develop individualised digital learning contents on two different levels: On the macro level, individualised learning paths offer the opportunity to compensate for deficits or to deepen learning content based on competence, and on the micro level, personalised feedback supports individual learning processes individually. Both adaptivity approaches use AI-supported methods and best practices of automated teaching and learning systems. Concrete individualised digital learning offers are initially implemented for an introductory course in the MSc Cognitive Systems and the new MSc Artificial Intelligence, which specifically addresses the heterogeneity of the initial qualification. We plan to offer the developed AI learning content and the acquired knowledge to other actors in university teaching, e.g., in the form of certificate courses (from compact nuggets in the sense of micro-learning to Diplomas of Advanced Studies). This can also help to a sustainable financing of the developed methods.

Expertise from the fields of computer science, teaching and learning research, the School of Advanced Professional Studies (SAPS, part-time master’s degree programs) and the productive operation of teaching / learning infrastructure are available to implement the project.

The project is managed by Professor Dr. Birte Glimm at the Institute of Artificial Intelligence.

Project duration: December 1st, 2021 - May 31st, 2025