Location on Campus

You will find the Institute of Artifical Intelligence in the building O27, level 4 of the southern building complex of Ulm University East.

The building O27 is accessible either by the adjacent buildings O26 and O28 or by two direct entrances in the north and south (see map). Subsequently you can reach level 4 by the straircase in the middle of the building or by two elevators on the eastside next ot the strais.

Suitable for barrier-free access are the northern entrance as well as the entry by the adjacent building O26 (coming from the main entrance south in building O25).

Important Information

Ulm University
Institute of Artificial Intelligence
Campus East
Level 4

89081 Ulm

For your travel arrangements by car, train or plane please use the latest and detailed information of the Ulm University Service Portal.

The Ulm University Service Portal also provides extra services that will help you with orientation on campus after your arrival:

The parking facilities Mitte and Ost are available for visitors. It is however recommended to use the parking deck Ost in Helmholtzstraße.

The current parking lot usage on campus can be tracked in real-time by a free app. The app is available for IOS- and Android-devices and can be purchased in the IOS App Store or the Android Play Store.

For deliveries or short visits you may use the parking lot at Mayerhofstraße. You can retrieve a paper ticket at the entry bars. The pay machine is marked on the adjacent map by a red and yellow circle. It is however unusual to find a parking space there.

For the delivery of bulky goods please use the following address:

Ramp A
Fixed point O26
89081 Ulm

(On the accompanying map the location of ramp A is marked by a blue-yellow circle.)