Several research activities of the institute of artificial intelligence are conducted in the context of different projects with concrete goals and fixed time windows. For such projects, we usually also attract funding from third parties and do collaborations with external partners.

Particularly focused are cross-cutting projects that bring the different research activities of our institute together. Count among them companion systems, i.e., systems that completely adjust their functionality to the individual user. In order to achieve this, they require a knowledge representation layer that can flexibly integrate the information from the user, different components, and processes as well as a plan generation that tailors and adapts a plan to the individual user.

Other projects are in the specialized research areas of our institute, i.e., intelligent task planning or knowledge representation and automated reasoning. For example, several current projects aim at developing optimizations for automated reasoning that allow for handling as much data as possible for differently expressive knowledge representation formalism.

More details regarding the projects can be found on their corresponding websites.