Patrick Michalsky

Patrick Michalsky joined the Institute of Resource Information Management in April 2019 as a student assistant. He holds a master's degree in Media informatics with a strong orientation towards neuroinformatics and machine learning. His master thesis on the topic "General Game Playing Approaches for Financial Time Series Analysis" was submitted to the University of Ulm in 2020. Since the first of January 2021, Patrick Michalsky has been working as a research associate at the Institute.


The research topics cover automated composition and distribution of data science componentes using CI/CD DevOps, the generation and evaluation of synthetic time series, and the cross-domain integration of cutting-edge machine learning algorithms.


  • Machine Learning
  • Optimization methods
  • Artificial neural network models


  • STEALTH: Anonymisation through Privacy-preserving Data Generation
    2020 - today
    Vector Stiftung

Scientific career

2018 - 2020 Master of Science, Universität Ulm
2014 - 2018 Bachelor of Science, Universität Ulm
2011 - 2013 Architecture, Karlsruhe University of Applied Science


Theses & Student Projects

Ongoing & Completed Topics

  • Portfolio Management: Diversification using Cluster Analyis (Seminar)
  • Synthetic Data, How Deepfake come to be (Seminar)
  • Wildlife conversation: The potential of machine learning (Seminar)
  • Addressing real-world socio-economic challenges with machine learning (Seminar)


M.Sc. Patrick Michalsky

Patrick Michalsky
M.Sc. Patrick Michalsky
Akademischer Mitarbeiter
Institut für Organisation und Management von Informationssystemen
Albert-Einstein-Allee 43
89081 Ulm

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