The last years have seen a dramatic change in the hardware landscape. The advent of multi- and manycore processors has come with the need to change also the programming models. Software developers need to exploit parallelism in order to achieve good performance from the CPU. Beside the increase in the number of cores the heterogeneity has increase significantly. Beside the compute cores also other elements of the computer systems have increased in complexity and hierarchy such as Cache, Memory access and interconnect networks.

Similar challenges have to be addressed in modern Cloud applications running on multiple parallel instances, potentially across different cloud operators. Beside parallelism also increased heterogeneity in resource types and the demand for data locality demands for new approaches and concept to dynamically map the application on the available (virtualized) resources.

At the institute we perform research with partners from research and industry in the frame of national and European projects in order to find solutions for these challenges. Further information can be found on our project page.