Research / Currently Active Projects

On this page an overview of different results from research and development activity at the OMI are given. Generally, all assets are continuously maintained, developed further and utilized in different research projects. For further information, please contact the contact person listed on the respective sub-page.

Currently Active Projects and their Results


Mowgli is a database management system (DBMS) evaluation framework for distributed DBMS operated in the Cloud. The Mowgli framework is developed by the OMI and uses  the Cloudiator framework internally. It simplifies comparable evaluations for any distributed DBMS with respect to the non-functional features  performance, scalability, elasticity and availability by 

Cloudiator is a toolset for the automated deployment of applications accross different cloud providers. Further, it allows automated management of applications by e.g. automatically applying scaling rules. Thereby, the deployment can be adapted to the actual workload situation.

MyThOS is an embedded, modular operating system, that reduces the overhead induced by the operating system to a minimum. Through parallelization of different activities of the operating system and its modular structure, MyThOS is appropriate for both HPC applications and embedded systems.

The Soccerbots are two custom 3d printed robots designed for playing football against each other. Both robots can be controlled individually through a web portal or a mobile phone app. A playing field will be put up and made publically available soon.

The work is constantly being updated - Bachelor- & Masters-Theses concerning this topic are welcome.

The "Stratigraphy Modeller" is a toolkit aimed at archaeologists and geologists to project stratigraphic information into 3d space. It allows reconstructing layers in space on basis of material properties and profile data.

coming soon