Virtual Nodes Framework

The Virtual Nodes framework provides fault-tolerance for distributed application such as grid or cloud applications. This achieved by replicating them intelligently over multiple nodes.

In order to achieve sufficient performance of such a replicated system it is crucial that the application characteristics and load pattern are considered for selecting the best fitting replication protocol.

The Virtual Nodes Framework offers a wide variety of configuration parameters that allow to fine-tune framework properties to optimise the overall system performance.

The Framework ist jointly developed together with the Institute of Distributed Systems of University of Ulm.

Recent and future work on the framework aims to focus on realization of fault tolerant Cloud Applications e.g. database services with the framework as well as how the framework can be integrated with Software Defined Networking (SDN) within the Data Centre and in Wide Area Networks. Additionally the applicability of the concepts for realizing large scale tightly coupled applications for exascale applications are investigated.


The framework will be available as open source package soon. If you are interested please get in contact with us.

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