Mobile Interaction with Pervasive User Interfaces

Mobile Human Computer Interaction has been a very active research area in the last decade and yet there are still many unsolved question regarding the limited in- and output capabilities of those devices, the interaction with objects in the environment and the consideration of the usage context. Many of those aspects could be solved though mobile interaction with pervasive user interfaces such as vertical or horizontal displays available in the environment or projected by the user. Though that approach users can interact with information in a more efficient way, multi-user scenarios are supported and the cognitive load of the user can be reduced. Those aspects will be illustrated by three research projects which will be discussed in detail. Firstly the interaction technique PhoneTouch will presented which supports touch-based mobile interaction with vertical and horizontal displays. Secondly fundamental user interface problems of projector phones will be discussed and novel interaction techniques for those devices will be presented that solve those usability issues. Thirdly two different mobile navigation techniques that are based on the compass metaphor will be shown that communicate directional information via tactile feedback. Finally will the potential of this research area be analyzed and future work will be discussed.



Prof. Dr. Enrico Rukzio
Research Group Human-Computer-Interaction
Institut für Medieninformatik
Universität Ulm


Mittwoch, 13. März 2013, 16 Uhr c.t.


Universität Ulm, N27, Raum 2.033 (Videoübertragung zur Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg G26.1-010)


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