Colloquia 2011

  1. Dr. Michael Schrauf: Neurokognitive Ansätze zu ergonomischen Fragestellungen im Fahrzeug am Beispiel der Daimler AG
  2. Prof. Dr. Holger Lyre und Gerhard Chr. Bukow: Extended Social Cognition and Theories of Mind
  3. Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Gülich: Zur interaktiven Konstitution eines experimentellen Dialogs oder eines dialogischen Experiments
  4. Prof. Dr. Claus Bischoff: Der Therapeut in der Tasche: Handys, Handhelds und Smartphones in der psychosomatischen Reha-Nachsorge
  5. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Barbara Deml: Kognitive Nutzermodellierung
  6. Prof. Yiannis Aloimonos: Patterns of Thought (in humanoid robots)
  7. Astrid von der Pütten: Human-Robot-Relationships: From empathetic reactions to social relationships?
  8. Prof. Dr. Miroslav Kubat: Induction of Classifiers in Hierarchical Multi-Label Domains
  9. Prof. Dr. Silvio Sabatini: Heterogeneous 3-D Perception Across Visual Fragments: Case Studies on Enabling Interactive Stereopsis in Humanoid Robots
  10. Michael Sengpiel: Young by design  -  Supporting older adults' mobility and home technology use through universal design and instruction
  11. Prof. Dr. Paolo Frasconi: kLog --- A Language for Logical and Relational Learning with Kernels
  12. Prof. Dr. Anna Esposito: The Twinkle of Emotional Feeling: Where It Comes From?
  13. Dr. Dominik Endres: Hooligan detection: the effects of saliency and expert knowledge
  14. Prof. Ennio Mingolla: Neural dynamics of object-based multifocal visual spatial attention and priming using Transient Where and sustained What stream inputs
  15. Prof. Dr. Zhi-Hua Zhou: A Learning Framework for Data Objects with Complex Semantics
  16. Jun. Prof. Dr. Birte Glimm: Interactive Ontology Revision