Project Z3
Data Management and System Integration


Companion-systems comprise a large number of functional components that perform various tasks. The tasks range from the perception, classification, fusion, and interpretation of a variety of user and situation parameters over the implementation of various forms of human-computer interaction to the realization of advanced cognitive capabilities like planning and decision making.

In order to enable a well-defined orchestration of these components, the project develops an architecture for Companion-systems. Based on this architecture an experimental platform will be built to support the demand-driven configuration, construction and evaluation of such systems. The functional components will be stepwise integrated and the resulting demonstrators will be tested within three application scenarios.

In addition, the project is concerned with the collection, preparation, documentation, and deployment of all data gained by experiments throughout the Collaborative Research Centre. This includes corpora of emotion-carrying entities of speech, image, video, physiological, and medical data as well as recordings and analyses of the various Wizard-of-Oz experiments.

Project Supervisor