PhD Students

Supervised PhD Students

  • Prof. Dr. Anita Behme,  March 2011.
    Title of dissertation: Generalized Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Processes and Extensions. pdf
  • Dr. Bernd Vollenbröker, December 2011.
    Title of dissertation: Strictly Stationary Solutions of Multivariate ARMA and Univariate ARIMA Equations. pdf
  • Dr. Felix Spangenberg, May 2015.
    Title of dissertation: Infinite-dimensional and continuous-time moving average processes. pdf
  • Dr. Martin Drapatz, June 2016.
    Planar random recurrence equations and Lévy driven models.
  • Dr. Lei Pan, May 2017.
    Quasi-infinitely divisible distributions and quasi-Lévy measures.
  • Dr. Abdulkahar Mohamed Alkadour, July 2017.
    Periodic ARMA, Ornstein-Uhlenbeck and CARMA processes as periodic time series.
  • Dr. Dirk-Philip Brandes, July 2017.
    CARMA models with random coefficients and inference for renewal sampled Lévy driven moving average processes.
  • Dr. David Berger, December 2019.
    Infinitely divisible and related distributions and Lévy driven stochastic partial differential equations.
  • Dr. Jana Reker, January 2021.
    Distributional properties of killed exponential functionals and short-time behavior of Lévy-driven stochastic differential equations.
  • Dr. Merve Kutlu, July 2022.
    On quasi-infinitely divisible distributions.
  • Dr. Farid Mohamed, September 2022.
    On second order elliptic stochastic partial differential equations and almost periodically stationary processes.

Current PhD students

  • Maximilian Strobel