Third party funded research projects

Ethical and legal aspects of prenatal medicine and human research in Western and Eastern Europe.
Tailored Immunotherapy for Paediatric SIRS (systemic inflammatory response syndrome)
Healthcare as a Public Space: Social Integration and Social Diversity in the Context of Access to Healthcare in Europe
Identification of complex activity patterns using smart sensors in geriatric rehabilitation.
Supporting Older Adults Quality of Care in Surgical Departments by combining Artificial Intelligence-supported Evidence-based Geriatric Advice from Admission to Discharge
Ad orientem lux – ex oriente lux? East-western transfer of medical skills, knowledge and attitudes since classical antique since antiquity
Hygiene propaganda and theatrical Biopolitics in the Soviet Union in the 1920's- 40's. The Moscow Theatre of the Sanitary Culture as a factory of the new man
Forced labor and medicine: Provision of medical care for female forced laborers from Łódź in Ulm (1944–1945)