Drei Geflüchtete erzählen über ihren Weg nach Deutschland und die medizinische Versorgung

Ghafur from Afghanistan, 24, is training to be a media designer for image and sound

"My family belongs to the Hazara population group in Afghanistan, which has been persecuted, discriminated against and killed by attacks. We could not live freely and had to flee to Iran. There, my father and I were attacked and stabbed. I was stabbed nine times in the heart area. I was in a coma for three weeks, and we had to pay for my treatment privately. A very difficult situation. When I was feeling a little better, I fled to Germany via Greece. When I arrived, I was examined by doctors and given painkillers because of my severe injuries. I was also offered psychotherapy, which I attended for three years. I was severely traumatized by the escape and the knife attack. Unfortunately, the psychotherapy didn't help me that much because I didn't speak German that well yet and there was no translator. I only got better after receiving care at 'Bellevue di Monaco', a project for refugees. Here I was well received and was able to learn German. Today I'm happier, also because I'm training to be a media designer."

"I have had a very difficult flight, with many dangers - from Ethiopia via Sudan and Egypt to Germany. The ship on which I crossed the Mediterranean sank. Many people died. I can't swim either, but somehow I managed to stay afloat. I was rescued, but my skin was very burned and damaged by the sun and the salt water. When I arrived in Germany, the wounds were treated, I got some vaccinations. I got a health insurance card and medication for my migraine. I was very grateful for that, also that everyone was so friendly to me, even though I didn't speak German yet. Now five years later I have learned the language well. Here in Germany, I am always amazed at how well the health care system works. If you are sick here, you don't have to die. I find it interesting that Germans don't just rely on normal medicine, but also try natural remedies - that's completely different in Ethiopia. There, you swallow a pill for everything."

22 years old, came to Germany from Ethiopia via the Mediterranean Sea and is now training to be a cook
Afamefula from Nigeria, 30 years old, has been living in Germany for two years and is training to be a cook

"When I came to Germany via Switzerland two years ago, I was taken care of very well. I was examined, the doctors were very friendly. I was surprised that I didn't have to pay anything, which I don't know from Nigeria. There, medicine is only something for the rich. The Germans can be proud of their health care system. At the moment I am still living in a reception camp. One day, when I got severe stomach pains, I was immediately taken to the hospital by ambulance. It was an inflamed appendix. There, too, I was treated kindly and helped quickly."