Supporting Older Adults Quality of Care in Surgical Departments by combining Artificial Intelligence-supported Evidence-based Geriatric Advice from Admission to Discharge

In cooperation with:
Prof. Dr. Michael Denkinger, Institute for Geriatric Research, Agaplesion Bethesda Ulm and Ulm University
Prof. Dr. Hans Kestler, Medical Systems Biology, Ulm University
PD Dr. Dhayana Dallmeier, Institute for Geriatric Research, Agaplesion Bethesda Ulm and Ulm University
Prof. Dr. Reinhold Kilian, Department of Psychiatry II: Section Health Economics and Mental Health Services Research, Ulm University
Prof. Dr. Florian Gebhard, Department for Orthopedic Trauma, University Hospital Ulm


In geriatrics, interventions based on the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) are essential for successful patient care. Such interventions are costly and require significant human resources. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can promote the broad implementation of CGA in the clinical setting.

The aim of the project is to develop an electronic information dashboard for surgery, which will be integrated into the hospital information system. Using machine learning and AI techniques, the dashboard will enable evidence-based health assessment and put forward recommendations for further treatment. This should lead to the improvement of therapy and care for geriatric patients in surgery.

The use of AI poses several ethical challenges: ensuring informed consent, issues of data collection and protection of privacy, as well as concerns of the reliability of AI systems. Therefore, the aim of the ethical component project is to analyze the ethical and legal challenges of using AI in the treatment of older patients.

Lead of the component project: Prof. Dr. Florian Steger

Researcher in the component project: Nina Parchmann, M.A.

Duration: 2021–2024

funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)