Our Institute

Foto des Forschungsgebäudes N27 der Universität Ulm, in dem auch unser Institut untergebracht ist.
Research Buildung N27 - Photo: Ulm University



Institute of Applied Physiology
Meyerhofstraße 11, N27 + N26
89081 Ulm

Personal assistants of Prof. Liss
Semiha Seydioglu, B.Sc.
Cornelia Mayer, Dipl.-Übersetzer

N27, Raum 4.094
Phone:  +49 (0)731 500 36214
              +49 (0)731 500 36225
Fax:        +49 (0)731 500 36202
Email: sekretariat-angewphys(at)uni-ulm.de

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Institute of Applied Physiology, N26 + N27

On our webpage we'd like to provide you with all necessary information for students, scientists or research interest. The groups of the Institute are located in N27 and N26.

Link to: Institute of General Physiology, Prof. Dr. Paul Dietl