Current Physiology Seminar Series / Scientific Talks

Prof. Anne-Sophie Hafner

Department of Molecular Neurobiology, Donders Centre for Neuroscience, Radboud University Nijmegen, NL

Date: 30.01.2023, 3 pm
Location: Centre of Quantum BioScience, ZQB, M26, Room No. 2202, Ground Floor

Brief description

Anne-Sophie Hafner and her team study the dynamic composition of synapses, the molecular basis of memory encoding in the brain. Anne-Sophie Hafner is most known for unravelling the first presynaptic transcriptome from mature excitatory boutons in the forebrain and demonstrating the abundance of active protein synthesis in all synaptic compartments: postsynapses as well as excitatory and inhibitory presynaptic boutons. Her lab uses omics-approaches combined with FACs-based synapse purification, metabolic labelling, super-resolution, and live-imaging to elucidate changes in synapse composition associated with learning, aging and diseases. The Hafner lab aims for a better understanding of synaptic function in health and disease, to help the development of innovative preventive and therapeutic approaches to brain dysfunction.

Everybody welcome!

Host: Prof. Dr. Birgit Liss