Oncology Qualification Program

In cooperation with IGradU, HEIST is responsible for implementation, administration and financial support of the qualification concept in oncology research. The major goal of this qualification concept is to broaden and deepen the scientific knowledge of the students in oncology beyond their own project in a multidisciplinary setting. This will enable them to understand tumor heterogeneity and evolution in different tumor entities, to critically assess the methods used to study these topics and to judge the role of distinct bioinformatic approaches for the evaluation of complex sequencing data. This knowledge shall enable the students to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies that overcome current limitations. The curriculum of HEIST is strongly focused on carcinogenesis, tumor evolution and tumor heterogeneity using in vitro and in vivo models and has a special focus on translational aspects such as tumor imaging and treatment.

Time is precious in a streamlined and structured program. Experience with other structured programs argues against an oncology-specific coursework and education program on top of a busy weekly schedule of lab work, lab seminars and the mandatory qualification program of IGradU. HEIST implements a crisp oncology curriculum consisting of multiple modules of generally 1 or 2 full day theoretical and/or hands-on workshops throughout the year. This qualification concept shall ensure a steady progress of the students with respect to the curriculum as well as social interaction. HEIST and the Graduate School will closely collaborate and take care to integrate their programs so that the workload for the students remains reasonable and that there is no duplication of topics in the respective programs. In Addition, specific modules of its oncology program are available to all students of the IGradU.

There will be no Laboratory Courses in 2023!


Thomas Wirth
Alexander Kleger
Hartmut Geiger
Tim Eiseler
Lisa Wiesmüller
Patrick Hermann
Michael Kühl
Martin Wagner
Franz Oswald
Hans Kestler
André Lechel
Reinhold Schirmbeck
Thomas Barth
Simon Laban
Thomas Seufferlein