HEIST Workshops and Retreats

HEIST workshops  take place at "Reisensburg" castle near Günzburg

The HEIST Annual Cancer Day 2023 will take place on 12th to 13th January 2023 at "Reisensburg Castle" !

The Annual Cancer Day 2021 took place on 11th to 12th November at "Kapfenburg Castle" !


The Annual Cancer Day 2020 took place as a virtual meeting

3rd and 4th December 2020:

We thank very much to all HEIST PIs and HEIST students for the successful virtual meeting during the Annual Cancer Day.

Day 1, 3rd December 2020:

Prof. Thomas Seufferlein warmly greeted the Symposium’s participants and addressed shortly all achievements of the first generation HEIST doctoral students in terms of published papers and manuscripts currently in revision. Students with highest impact papers (Ms. Sandra Polaschek, Gastroenterology, 20.887) and with the most publications (Mr. Frank Arnold, 9 papers) were awarded in the opening session. We were particularly very honoured to welcome Prof. Achim Weber at the Hospital University of Zurich who held a keynote lecture about “Current topics on liver tumours”.

The symposium’s afternoon program continued with progress reports presented by the HEIST students and future perspectives by their PI (projects A1, A2, B2, C1, C2 and C3). Short progress reports by the first generation students were combined in tandem presentations with brief working plans by the next generation PhD students.

Day 2, 4th December 2020:

The symposium’s program continued in the second day with the progress reports of the students and future perspectives of PIs belonging to projects A3 A4, B1, B3, B4, C4 and C5. Similar to the first day, short progress reports and brief working programs were presented in tandem by the first and new generation HEIST students, respectively.  

Closing remarks by Prof. Seufferlein and a final PIs-only assembly concluded the Annual Cancer Day 2020 Symposium.


The Annual Cancer Day 2019 took place at "Kapfenburg Castle"

10th-11th December 2019:

We thank you very much for the wonderful days spent within the frame of the Annual Cancer Day Symposium at the Kapfenburg Castle in Lauchheim.

Day 1, 10th December 2019

After Prof. Thomas Seufferlein’s greetings speech, we had the great honor to welcome Prof. Sebastian Kobold at the Hospital University of Munich who talked about “Development of new approaches for adoptive T-cell therapy of tumour diseases”. The afternoon program continued with progress reports (A projects) presented by the HEIST students. An active break with strengthening, stretching, mobilization and coordination was offered by Ms. May. The students and the scholarship holders had the opportunity to present posters while enjoying coffee and cake. A PowerPoint-Karaoke session was the delight of the scientific evening. The nicest presentations and the best presenters were awarded with attractive prizes.

Awards for best performing:

  1. Frank Arnold, 2. Miltiadis Tsesmelis , 3. Jasmin Ezic

Awards for best presentation:

  1. Lisa Schäfer, 2. Astrid Laut, 3. Sandra Polaschek

After the joint dinner, students had the chance to relax & play billiard at the castell’s bar while the PIs gathered in a board meeting session.

Day 2, 11th December 2019

The morning started with a copious breakfast. The scientific program continued with additional presentations by students (B and C projects) and a second poster session. In the afternoon, Mr. Preissler guided us through the interesting history of the Kapfenburg castle and its knights. Final remarks by Prof. Seufferlein concluded the Symposium before departing to Ulm