HEIST Hands-On Core Unit

HEIST envisions a training and core unit for standard methods such as genotyping and immunohistochemistry, which is run by a research assistant/technician and several student assistants. Such a core unit follows international examples working in a competitive environment to allow both, an educational platform for the students to receive hands-on-training for standard methods from an experienced research technician and a smoothened work-flow to avoid time consuming standard procedures, which frequently prevent to cross methodological boundaries at the bench by acquiring innovative techniques. In Addition, the core unit implements a centralized mouse organ bank coupled to state-of-the-art software solutions and sample bar coding strategies to foster scientific cross-talk and material exchange across HEIST students. The affiliation of student assistants to this core unit allows medical students to get in touch with basic research during their medical studies and facilitates the recruitment of medical students for a dual career track. Motivated individuals can be subsequently embedded into the structured training program “Experimental Medicine” of IGradU.