Members of the Board of Directors


Prof. Dr. Dieter Rautenbach
Chairman, Vice President Career

Prof. Dr. Aurelia Peraud
Gender Equality Officer

Prof. Dr. Pamela Fischer-Posovszky
Representing the Gender Equality Officer

Prof. Dr. Annika Herwig
Faculty of Natural Sciences

Prof. Dr. Anita Ignatius
Medical Faculty

Prof. PhD Carl Emil Krill III
Faculty of Engineering, Computer Science and Psychology

Prof. Dr. Robert Stelzer
Faculty of Mathematics and Economics

Dr. Andreas Seitz
Representative of Junior Research Group Leaders

Dr. Marian Sauter
Representative of Postdocs

Benedikt Bagemihl
Representative of the Promovierendenkonvent

Peter Steele-Perkins
Representative of the Promovierendenkonvent