The Early Career Incubator funding programme is heading into the next round.
The call for proposals is expected to open in March 2024.
Find details and the funding directive on this website at the beginning of March.

Early Career Incubators

Early Career Incubators are intended to create space for innovative and creative research projects and for qualification phases for early career researchers.

Applications can be submitted for a funding period of 12 months.
The maximum funding amount is EUR 100,000 per application.


There are two funding lines:

Funding line 1: Projects and event formats for early career researchers

Funding line 2: Temporary positions for postdoctoral researchers

A combination of both funding lines is possible.
Please refer to application guidelines to see how exactly the funds may be used.


Applications can be submitted by early career researchers (from the postdoc phase onwards in consultation with their head of institute) as well as by professors from the following faculties of Ulm University:

  • Faculty of Engineering, Computer Science and Psychology
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Economics
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences


How to apply:

  1. Please read the funding directive.
  2. Fill in and sign the application form.
  3. Create and enclose the require documents (see application form).
  4. Email your application (pdf attachment, one file only) to protrainu(at)