On Young Researchers' Science Day we will give young researchers from all faculties the opportunity to present themselves and their own project ideas to the university public.
How to seize the opportunity?

First, submit your idea. A selected group of researchers will then gain access to a professional pitch training and present their projects to the university public on Science Day itself.

Finally, based on the documents submitted as well as the presentations, the best two applications will be awarded by a jury and receive the following funding amounts:

1st  place:    EUR 50,000
2nd place:   EUR 30,000

The funding can be spent on materials, equipment and assistant staff. Please refer to application guidelines to see how exactly the funds may be used.

Time table:

July 2024

Next call for proposals

until 09 August 2024 Communicate intention to apply

01 September 2024

Application deadline

09 October 2024

Selection of the applicants who will be allowed to pitch at the Science Day

23 October 2024

Presentation of the pitches on Young Researchers' Science Day

01 January 2025

Start of funding

This table is meant to serve as a rough orientation to help you with your personal long-term schedule. Please allow for minor changes at short notice.

How to apply:

  1. Please read the funding directive.
  2. Please let us know no later than Friday, August 9, if you intend to apply (protrainu(at)uni-ulm.de).
  3. Fill in and sign the application form.
  4. Create and enclose the require documents (see application form).
  5. Submit your application to ProTrainU electronically as a pdf document (protrainu(at)uni-ulm.de) and printed out by internal mail.

Downloads & Links

Directive and application form for the next Young Researchers' Science Day can be found here in time for the call for applications.


Young researchers showcase their talents

Ulm University celebrated its young researchers at the 3rd Young Researchers' Science Day. At the heart of the event was the Science Slam, in which six young researchers competed against each other. The winners, Dr Maximilian Förster and Luisa de Roy, shared the prize money totalling EUR 80,000.


Communications expert Antje Diller-Wolff gave a talk on how to deal confidently with media contacts. The following video can be accessed via Ulm University's internal network.

Luisa de Roy, Dr. Dominik Melville, Novitasari Sinambela, Dr. Maximilian Förster, Marco Mannes, Prof. Dieter Rautenbach, Dr. Magdalena Meyer, Antje Diller-Wolff, Dr. Cornelia Estner, Clarissa Gobiet, Pia Beyer-Wunsch
(Foto: Elvira Eberhardt / Uni Ulm)



Uni Ulm awards high prize money at the 2nd Science Day

At the 2nd Young Researchers' Science Day at the Ulm University for young scientists, EUR 80,000 in prize money was again awarded.
EUR 50,000 for first place in the pitch competition went to social psychologist and psychotherapist Dr. Michael Barthelmäs. Second place and EUR 30,000 went to the biochemist Dr. Matthias Mack. A mobility voucher of EUR 1,500 was awarded to each of the other four candidates.
The Young Researchers' Science Day has already become very well established.

The following video shows the lecture by Dr. Eleni Vomhof on the topic of "Anwendungsfelder der Wissenschaftskommunikation in der Wirtschaft". As a graduate in biophysics from the Ulm University and Technical Marketing Specialist at the company WITec in Ulm, she explains in her lecture the important role science communication plays in her everyday work.

Clarissa Gobiet, Dr. Cornelia Estner, Dr. Matthias Mack,
Dr. Subrata Mandal, Dr. Michael Barthelmäs, Dr. Eileen Bendig,
Dr. Michael Schön, Pia Beyer-Wunsch, Dr. Brecht Donvil,
Prof. Dieter Rautenbach
(photo: Elvira Eberhardt / Uni Ulm)


The 1st Young Researchers' Science Day was a great success!

Successful premiere of the 1st Young Reasearchers' Science Day at Ulm University! The innovative pitch format was very well received by all the people involved and also by the audience, which is why the 2nd Young Researchers' Science Day is also planned for 2022.

The video below shows the lecture by Dr. Patrick Honecker on the topic of "Wissenschaft und Kommunikation". (Please note: Due to technical problems during the lecture, the video was edited.)

Pia Beyer-Wunsch, Clarissa Gobiet, Prof. Dieter Rautenbach,
Dr. Silke Werle, Dr. Michael Melzer, Dr. Flora Scheffenbichler,
Dr. Jens Friedland, Rida Rehman, Prof. Michael Weber,
Dr. Cornelia Estner
(photo: Carola Gietzen Fotodesign / Uni Ulm)