Harald Rose-Prize

The Harald Rose-Prize is awarded for outstanding master's theses or dissertations that are related to electron microscopy.

The Harald Rose-Prize is intended to commemorate the scientific work of Harald Rose. It honors outstanding theses in the fields of imaging or analytical methods, applied physics, materials science or chemistry that are related to electron microscopy.

The prize is endowed with EUR 3,000 and is awarded annually, alternately at Ulm University and TU Darmstadt, where Professor Rose used to work. At Ulm University the award ceremony is held on Dies Academicus.

Harald Rose Prize

2022     Hannah Kniesel   Institute of Media Informatics                                               Master's thesis

2020     Michael Mohn     Central Facility for Electron Microscopy                                Dissertation

2018      Janis Köster        Electron Microscopy Group of Materials Science                 Master’s thesis

2016      Pia Börner          Department of Physics                                                            Master’s thesis

The Harald Rose-Prize commemorates the scientific work of Harald Rose. In the late 1980s, Rose came up with an ingenious concept which for the first time made atoms visible for electron microscopy. Rose brought his concept to life together with his colleagues Maximilian Haider and Knut Urban. In 2011, they were awared with the Wolf Prize, which in the field of physics is considered the most prestigious award after the Nobel Prize.

In 2015, on the occasion of Professor Roses’s 80th birthday, the CEOS - Correlated Electron Optical Systems – GmbH donated the Harald Rose-Prize in honour of his pioneering research in the development of electron microscopy.