Chemical Reaction Engineering: Equipment and Services


Development of solid catalysts

  • various synthesis methods based on impregnation and hydrothermal synthesis
  • characterization via physi- and chemisorption (3Flex, micromeritics)
  • performance testing in various test rigs (for gas and gas-liquid reactions)

Determination of reaction kinetics

  • aqusition of experimental data in various test rigs (for gas and gas-liquid reactions)
  • model based evaluation and determination of kinetic data (e.g. Matlab, Aspen Custom Modeler)

 Design and development of chemical reactors

  • mathematical model development and numerical simulations (e.g. Matlab, Aspen Custom Modeler)
  • optimization of design parameters


Test rigs

  • Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (ca. 25 bar, 400 °C)
  • heterogeneously catalyzed gas phase reactions (continuous, ca. 20 bar, 900 °C)
  • non-/catalysed gas-liquid reactions (continuous, ca. 15 bar, 100 °C)
  • stirred autoclave for gas-liquid reactions (dis-/continuous, 200 bar, 300 °C, 300 mL)


  • on-line gas chromatograph (CO, CO2, CH4, Ar, N2, hydrocarbons)
  • off-line gas chromatograph (hydrocarbons)
  • mass spectrometers (100 amu)
  • 3Flex (micromeritics) for physisorption (micro and mesopores) and chemisorption (dynamic and volumetric method)

Further equipment

  • lab equipment: autoclaves, centrifuges, furnaces, etc.
  • high speed camera

Simulation software (research licenses)

  • AspenTech University Program
  • MatLab
  • COMSOL Multiphysics