Laboratory of Thermal Process Engineering: Equipment

Test Rigs

Multiple Dividing Wall Column

The first pilot-scale multiple dividing wall column. The column allows the separation of a quaternary mixture into four pure components. For this purpose, a simplified configuration with two dividing walls was selected, whereby the dividing walls are not physically designed but the corresponding column segments are run in parallel in this sections. During the design phase, great importance was attached to flexible operation. The plant is 9.6 m high, has a total of about 220 theoretical stages and is equipped with a vacuum system.

Rectification Test Rig

This self-constructed unit is fully automized and allows the determination of pressure drop, and seperation efficiency (HTU/HETP) for our 3D printed columns and packings. It can be used for a wide range of column diameters as well as gas and liquid loads.

Test Rig for Liquid Distribution Measurements

This test facility allows us to measure the liquid distribution in additively manufactured packings. A wide range of possible diameter can be investigated. Different liquid distributors and liquid collectors are available fo this task.

CINC extractor V02 / CS50

This extraction centrifuge can be used for liquid-liquid extractions in non-reactive and reactive systems. The RPM ranges from 0 to 6000 (= 0 to 1000 g). The feed stream can be varied between 0,01 and 1 L/min.



Other devices

Furthermore, all our laboratories are equipped with the necessary standard devices:

  • Pumps
  • Digital data logger (Ahlborn ALMEMO 710)
  • Sensors (Temperature, Pressure, Conductivity)
  • pH Meter
  • Titration stands
  • Heating/Cooling devices
  • Stirrers
  • Balances
  • Ultra sonic bath


  • Aspen Plus
  • Aspen HYSYS
  • Aveva - SimCentral
  • Dortmunder Datenbank (DDB)
  • Matlab
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Labview
  • Design-Expert
  • OpenFOAM