Photochemical Reaction Engineering: Theses

We are always offering a wide variety of topics for your Bachelor- and Master-Thesis or for research internships. No matter if you want to focus your work on more experimental or more theoretical questions - do not hesitate to approach us. 

If you want to work on a photochemistry topic, you do not have to be an expert in the field of photochemistry before you start your work. We will provide you with all the information and knowledge you need to work successfully.

Current thesis offers can be found in the table below. We typically adjust the focus of the thesis to the interests of the thesis worker. If you are interested in a specific topic not listed here, feel free to suggest your ideas for a thesis topic.

Note that Bachelor thesis are usually in German, even when the topics are indicated in English.

Open Topics:

Topic Supervisor Theory Experiment
Theoretical investigation of mass transfer during photocatalytic water splitting in loop photoreactor Pengcheng Li x  
Experimental investigation of operating conditions on mass transfer and overall activity for photocatalytic water splitting Pengcheng Li   x
Heterogeneous photocatalytic water oxidation at polymeric membranes in a continuous reactor Pengcheng Li   x
Dynamic irradiation to extend the lifetime of water oxidation catalysis Daniel Kowalczyk   x
Development and characterization of modules for a modular photoreactor platform Daniel Kowalczyk   x
Development and optimization of a high-throughput screening photoreactor Daniel Kowalczyk   x
Automation of high-throughput screening with Reinforcement Learning Daniel Kowalczyk x x
Controlled illumination of photoacids to locally change the pH value Daniel Kowalczyk/Dirk Ziegenbalg   x
Dynamic irradiation of photooxidations to improve selectivity Fabian Guba   x
Investigation of mass transport limitations during photooxidations Fabian Guba x x
Light-induced switching of the wettability for controlling mass transport Fabian Guba   x
Development of hybrid models for photocatalytic water splitting Alina Koba x  
Development of a flow IR-spectroscopic measurement cell Alina Koba   x
Modelling of photostationary equilibria Alina Koba x  
Revision, refactoring and extension of software to evaluate multidimensional radiometric measurements Alina Koba x x
Simulation of slurry flow in capillary photoreactor for NH3 formation Akbar Valaei x  
Development of a capillary reactor for photocatalytic NH3 formation Akbar Valaei   x
Model-based design of experiment for electrocatalytic NH3 formation Emad Omrani x  
Development of a electrocatalytic reactor for NH3 formation Emad Omrani   x
Technoeconomic analysis of current publications on industrial application of photoreactions Dirk Ziegenbalg/Fabian Guba x  
Development of a software suite for analyzing and modelling light-driven reactions Dirk Ziegenbalg/Alina Koba x